The Plan. The Search.

Let’s face it.  2016 is already set.  It’s too late for this plan we have.  What’s our plan?  Our plan is to find the next next president of the US.  Like a crowd search.  We think there’s someone somewhere who’s currently not in Washington DC or in politics.  Or maybe they’re a local council man or woman, but don’t think they’re right for president.  But they’re wrong.  And we’re going to prove it to them.  America’s going to prove it to them.  But first we have to find them.  This is a 4 parter.  Part 1) Find the person and 2) Make them accept their fate and 3) Hit the ground hard campaigning 4) Win the presidency.  In doing this, other closet political greats will get involved with office because we will persuade them to do it in the process through our amazing series.  So come 2020, we’ll have some pretty amazing real Americans in office.  Real quality Americans.  “Take me to your leader” is essentially what we’ll be asking average Americans walking the city and suburb streets.  Americans in the squalor, Americans in their prime, Americans looking for a nickel and dime.  Yes.  We rhyme.